All-New Wolverine Vol. 2


Laura Kinney’s greatest battle so far has been fought, and won – but at what cost? As she and Gabby attempt to move on with their lives, her predecessor’s legacy continues to cast a long shadow. Laura is the Wolverine, but is she ready to meet this reality’s new arrival, Old Man Logan?

He’s stepped out of a dystopian future into our world – and he’s about to bring a lot of carnage Laura’s way. But when a new CIVIL WAR divides the Marvel Universe, will these past and present Wolverines stand together? Or will they shred each other apart?

And when the superhuman conflict puts those dearest to her in harm’s way, can Laura remain the hero she’s fought so hard to become – or will she finally succumb to her dark destiny?

Категории КнижарницаЧуждоезикови книги
Издателство Marvel Comics
Тема Marvel (Марвел Комикс)
Оригинално име All-New Wolverine Vol. 2
Език Английски
Баркод 9780785196532
Каталожен номер BKHL9564

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