Art Of Ghost Of Tsushima


A beautifully realized tome inspired by traditional Japanese aesthetics and featuring art from the delicately crafted video game from Sucker Punch Productions

Dark Horse Books and Sucker Punch Productions are honored to present The Art of Ghost of Tsushima. Explore a unique and intimate look at the Tsushima Islands – all collected into a gorgeous, ornately designed art book.

Step into the role of Tsushima Island‘s last samurai, instilling fear and fighting back against the Mongolian invasion of Japan in the open-world adventure, Ghost of Tsushima. This volume vividly showcases every detail of the vast and exotic locale, featuring elegant illustrations of dynamic characters, spirited landscapes, and diagrams of Samurai sword-fighting techniques, along with a look at storyboards and renders from the most intense, eloquent, and expressive cinematic moments of the game.

Категории КнижарницаЧуждоезикови книги
Автор Sucker Punch Productions
Издателство Dark Horse Books
Година 2020
Корица Твърда корица
Брой страници 208
Вид продукт Арт книги
Жанрове По игра
Оригинално име Art Of Ghost Of Tsushima
Език Английски
Националност Американска
Издание Илюстровано, Колекционерско
Илюстрации Цветни, Черно-бели
Възраст 16+
Размер на продукта 24.2 x 30.5 x 3 cm
Баркод 9781506713557
ISBN 9781506713557
Интерес Гейминг
Каталожен номер BKHL11414

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