Perfect World, Vol. 1


The moving, provocative manga about the struggles and triumphs in love of a woman and a man who uses a wheelchair comes to print! Fans of tumultuous manga romance like A Silent Voice and Your Lie in April – don’t miss this!

An office party reunites Tsugumi with her high school crush Itsuki. He’s realised his dream of becoming an architect, but along the way, he experienced a spinal injury that put him in a wheelchair. Now Tsumugi’s rekindled feelings will butt up against prejudices she never considered – and Itsuki will have to decide if he’s ready to let someone into his heart – Yet they may soon discover that, without each other, the world feels imperfect.

Категории КнижарницаЧуждоезикови книги
Автор Rie Aruga
Издателство Kodansha Comics
Година 2020
Корица Мека корица
Брой страници 176
Вид продукт Манга
Жанрове Тийнейджърски
Оригинално име Perfect World, Vol. 1
Език Английски
Националност Японска
Издание Илюстровано
Илюстрации Черно-бели
Възраст 16+
Тегло 0.204 kg
Размер на продукта 14.7 x 20.6 x 1.3 cm
Баркод 9781632368119
ISBN 9781632368119
Каталожен номер BKHL10911

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