Runaways by Rainbow Rowell Vol. 2


The Runaways are a family again! But a family needs a guardian, and the only Runaway who’s got her life together is in middle school. And, even for a kid like Molly who likes her classes, that can be fraught with peril. Meanwhile, there’s a new arrival as the gang welcomes Karolina’s girlfriend – Julie Power of Power Pack! Having an experienced adventurer around will be useful when one of the universe’s most fearsome villains invades the hostel.

But do some of the Runaways have mixed feelings about Julie’s arrival? As Molly contemplates a supernatural deal that must have a monkey’s paw-esque downside, one of the team suff ers a fate worse than death. Really! And will the Runaways’ greatest foe be…well-meaning outsiders who want to help them?! Your favourite super hero teen drama continues!

Collecting: Runaways 7-12

Категории КнижарницаЧуждоезикови книги
Автор Rainbow Rowell
Издателство Marvel Comics
Година 2018
Корица Мека корица
Брой страници 136
Вид продукт Комикси
Жанрове Научна фантастика, Приключенски, Фентъзи
Тема Marvel (Марвел Комикс)
Оригинално име Runaways by Rainbow Rowell Vol. 2
Език Английски
Националност Американска
Издание Илюстровано
Илюстрации Цветни, Черно-бели
Художник Kris Anka
Размер на продукта 17.8 x 26.7 x 0.6 cm
Баркод 9781302911973
ISBN 9781302911973
Интерес Комикси
Каталожен номер BKHL7673

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